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Who’s A Pretty Bird?

Just like many other pets, birds require grooming to remain healthy and happy. A lot of birds do a good job at naturally grooming themselves, but there are certain things that need a human’s touch. Keeping up with grooming your bird can help keep their feathers, nails, and beaks healthy. Contact the team at All Things Birds to schedule an appointment!

We Are Happy To Offering The Following Bird Grooming Services:

Nail Trimming

Nail trimming can certainly be challenging, and that’s why we are happy to help! Keeping your bird's nails trimmed will keep your bird comfortable and also help you to avoid being scratched. In nature, birds nails are naturally filed down, but our domestic birds need a little help in that area.

Wing Clipping

Wing clipping is 100% optional and the bird owner must decide to clip their bird’s wings or leave them fully flighted. If deciding to clip the wings, rest assured your pet bird will still be able to enjoy a totally normal happy life. Clipping a bird’s wings takes knowledge and experience, and we are here to help! We only clip the primary flight feathers.

Beak Filing

Through chewing and playing, some birds are able to keep their beaks at an appropriate length, but sometimes filing is needed. The filing process is quick and easy and our experienced staff is ready to help.

Our Services

All Things Birds is a family-owned and operated business. We serve the bird owners, and soon-to-be bird owners, of the greater Santa Clarita area, but all of our products are available to ship anywhere in the world. All Things Birds is pleased to offer a wide variety of products and services, from bird food and snacks to bird toys, perches, and cages, and carry many different brands such as Kaytee, Volkman, and Roudybush.

For our local customers in Santa Clarita, we also breed and sell parakeets, lovebirds, and cockatiels and offer bird grooming and bird sitting, as well! We are also able to offer curbside pick-up and local delivery. We always aim to provide excellent customer service in everything we do. If you have any questions about our bird services or would like to schedule an appointment, contact the team at All Things Birds today!

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