Daniel's Tips And Tricks To Good Bird Care

Updated: Jul 5

lot goes into taking care of birds. We love to hear them chirp, fly and hop happily around our homes. All Things Birds is here to give the best tips around for taking care of your bird. Check out our website today to see the latest products for your loveable pets.

Best Type Of Food For Your Bird

There’s quite a variety of bird food out there. Just like humans, good food paves the way for long-lasting health benefits. Pellets are significantly more healthy than seeds. Seeds are high in fat and Pellets are naturally fortified with great ingredients. Roudybush and zupreem are fantastic Pellets brands. It can be hard to switch your bird over from seeds to Pellets. Contact us to discuss ways to switch your bird over. Seeds are okay as long as the bird is active and Flies a lot to burn off the high fat.

Ideal Cage Setup

All Things Birds is all about providing the best cage setups possible for your birds to be happy and safe. Your cage should be big enough so that your bird can fly around easily inside the cage. Cage size will differ based on your space and type of bird. Birds fly left to right horizontally. So more width is better in a cage rather than height. Most cages are really tall and not very wide. This flight cage is perfect as it is very wide. Birds need a variety of different sizes, types, and textures of perches. Manzanita wood is a great natural piece of wood that will keep your birds feet healthy. Birds can develop what's called bumble foot and arthritis if multiple perch options are not provided. Rope perches are also a great way to exercise your bird's feet. They are relatively soft and can be shaped to your liking to fit your cage. Sand perches are a great way to help slowly file down the nails. This reduces the frequency of grooming visits.

Toys For Your Bird

Toys are meant to be destroyed. They are provided for enrichment and fun. Without toys, birds can turn to plucking their own feathers for entertainment. By providing various types of different toys and frequently changing them out, this will ensure your bird is always happy and healthy mentally and physically. Chew Toys such as wood allow for the beak to file itself down keeping it at an appropriate length. The audible stimulus of bells or chimes can entertain them for hours on end. Dropping a new toy in their cage from time to time will go a long way to bring joy to their day.

Bonding And Taming

Bonding with your bird is so important. Birds are flock animals. They need to feel involved and loved. Birds need at least 1 to 2 hours a day outside of their cage to play with their human friends. More is recommended. Birds naturally crave affection. They want to be held, pet, and loved. Taming is very easy and should be done no matter how old or the history of your bird. The most fundamental way to tame your bird is by building trust. Have your bird recognize your hand as a comforting perch while building the ease of eventually petting and letting it hang out for longer durations.

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