Bird Food

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Frequently Asked Questions about bird food and pellets

  • What type of bird food is best for my bird?
  • We recommend pellets for most types of pet birds. When it comes to a birds main food diet, it is important to provide all the best essentials possible to maintain a healthy diet. Pellets are the best way to do that. They are jam packed with nutrients and are fortified for a healthy bird food diet. Check out our top recommended pellet brand Roudybush here. Or visit our blog about 4 Popular Food Brands Offered By All Things Birds.
  • What about bird seed?
  • Seed is not bad for your bird in moderation. It is higher in fat then pellets, but provides a tasty meal. As long as you provide a high quality seed mix like Kaytee or Volkman plus plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables, you bird will live a long happy healthy life.