4 Popular Food Brands Offered By All Things Birds

Updated: Jun 6

If you're looking for a one-stop shop when it comes to purchasing food for your pet bird, look no further than All Things Birds. We offer four of the most popular brands of bird food on the market, and we ship products nationwide. In this blog post, we'll discuss the benefits of each food brand and why we believe they are so popular among pet bird owners.


Since the brand was founded in 1866 in Chilton, Wisconsin, Kaytee has become one of the most popular brands of birdseed providers in the country. Additionally, Kaytee supports and donates to a non-profit foundation dedicated to raising awareness of pet care and environmental conservation. In 1955, Kaytee became the first commercial supplier of wild birdseed. When it comes to tried and true American brands of birdseed, you can't go wrong with Kaytee.


Since 1863, the Volkman Bird Seed Company has been mixing bird and parrot food. In terms of cleanliness, Volkman birdseed mixtures are widely regarded as some of the best in the world. Volkman is a forward-thinking business and strives to give their birdseed mixes the finest in research-based nutrition. Volkman birdseed was one of the first companies to offer vegetables, fruits, nuts, grains, and spices in its birdseed mixtures.


Roudybush has been manufacturing specialized bird food products since 1985. Roudybrush uses a variety of production methods to create its bird food pellets, as opposed to just one, like extrusion. Roudybrush matches the manufacturing method to the diet required by particular birds. Roudybrush provides the best bird food for any feathered friend, thanks to a simple combination of suitable components for powdered diets, steam pelletizing for pellets and crumbles, and extrusion for diets that are hard to produce via steam pelletizing.


According to ZuPreem, there are three particular reasons why so many bird owners love their brand. Firstly, ZuPreem's bird mixes contain more variety which helps keep your bird engaged in their food. Secondly, more foraging goes into every mix, providing an eclectic blend of tastes, shapes, and flavors that make eating fun for your bird. Lastly, ZuPreem's bird food is made with "smart pellets" that are loaded with the essential vitamins and minerals that your bird needs to stay healthy and happy.

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