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Breeds Amazing Birds

We adopted a parakeet Christmas Eve and Daniel is exceptional! The parakeet is so tame our daughter held it all day Christmas!!! It lets us pet and kiss it and it is very comfortable with everyone. It even can skateboard and ate Christmas dinner with us. Very sweet and affectionate bird. Daniel is very knowledgeable and professional. He prepared the cage and all supplies. If you want a bird look no where else. We are so lucky to have Daniel local. I have had parakeets and birds as a kid and getting one that is tamed from a breeder is so much better.

- Elizabeth S.

Great Baby Birds

I recently got a baby budgie from Daniel. He was very knowledgeable, answering any questions I had. This baby bird was hand raised, and is already super sweet and will perch on my finger.

- Brandie J.

Very Caring

Daniel is very caring about his birds and helps bird owners as much as he can. I trust him with my feather babies

- Shiro N.

Great Bird Shop

Such a wonderful bird shop in the SCV! Came here looking for a feathered companion and left with the sweetest hand fed parakeet who is already so loved.

- Jo W.

Great Grooming services

Did a good job with her beak and nails! Thank you so much!

- Danielle Engel

kind & gentle

I brought my parakeet Elijah to Daniel for wing and nail clipping. He was kind and gentle with Elijah and did wonderful job. His aviary is clean and well kept, the environment controlled, and his birds beautiful. I look forward to doing business with him again.

- Tia M.

Knowledgeable & professional

Daniel was so thorough and caring! We brought him a cockatiel we rescued who was in rough shape. Daniel was knowledgeable, professional, and really easy to work with!

- Dora S.

Very professional

I took my cockatiel to Daniel and he was very professional and quick with his grooming. I highly recommend his services!!!! My Efron looks dashing. I am very happy. Thanks Daniel!

- Daisy I.

I had a great experience

I just bought a baby English parakeet from Daniel. I had 2 parakeets before bought from a store a while ago. I found Daniel trying to find local bird shops. I am so glad i found him. He told that his pair had just laid eggs .

I was excited. He sent me pictures from week 1 regularly and i finally brought my baby home last friday. For 5 weeks I bothered Daniel daily with questions. He promptly replied.

I had a great experience dealing with him.

- Rashmi D.

Fantastic grooming job!

Daniel did a fantastic job grooming our flock of five. Thank you for helping us care for our babies, see you again soon.

- Tina S.

Highly recommend

I brought Daniel 2 of my small parrots for grooming. He couldn't have been nicer or more gentle. I highly recommend Daniel to take care of your birds' grooming needs.

- John S.

Best place to go for all of your bird’s needs

Daniel was very knowledgeable about the parakeets I had purchased from him and he was very helpful in directing me on where to get the best products for my birds at the best price! He’s incredibly friendly and welcoming, and the birds he owns are all very happy and healthy. Located in a very easy to access part of town (Newhall), this is the best place to go for all of your bird’s needs and to learn more about the care of your pet(s)!

- Sierra B.

Very gentle and sweet

Brought my lovebird to get groomed. Had her wings, nails, and beak done. Daniel was very gentle and sweet with her. She seems really happy! Thanks.

- Hannah K.

We recommend his services

Daniel was great with our lovebird! He knows how to handle birds gently and groomed him correctly. We recommend his services and he works from his home which was convenient for us since we live in Newhall too! He also is very reasonable with pricing.

- Melissa M.

Excellent service

Excellent service, can’t recommend him enough. Very knowledgeable and affordable and even trimmed my dogs nails too!

- Simply C.