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Frequanily asked questions about bird toys

Are toys meant to be destroyed by my bird?

In short yes. Bird toys are not supposed to last forever. In fact if you notice that a toy is not being chewed on or is still in perfect condition months later, chances are your bird does not like that toy. Try something new. Put a few different bird toys in the cage, change it up every month or so. Eventually you will find that one magical bird toy that your beloved pet bird loves to play with. Make sure to keep that bird toys always fresh and in the cage, all while still trying new ones every month. There should never be a dull moment for your bird when it comes to entertainment and bird toys.

What kind of toys are best for my bird?

Great question. It really depends upon your bird and there own individual behaviors and what they like to chewy on. Some birds such as larger ones like macaws, african greys, and amazon parrots enjoy bird toys such as wooden blocks or soft chewable kabobs. All are great and totally safe for your bird to chewy on. As far as small birds go like parakeets, lovebirds, cockatiels, ect. Any small toy will do just fine. Small wooden block toys with bells are very popular amongst smaller birds. Try different toys, over time you will figure out what kind of bird toys your feathered friend likes most.